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Justin Chacksfield Tennis Coach Junior Consultant
Justin Chacksfield
Justin Chacksfield Performance Coach U11s

From 2008-14, I was the LTA's Talent and Performance Co-ordinator for junior tennis players across the East Region. In that role, I directly supported coaches and parents in the development of numerous regional and national junior players


In 2014 I started the mental skills coaching business 'Focus Tennis'. I have worked with children and adults across a range of sports in this capacity (including tennis, golf, swimming, hockey, rowing and dressage!).  


Find out more about this valued service here.

Focus Philosophy
Felix Dean Cambridge Tennis Junior Player

I believe that successful individuals show great discipline and perseverance. They are independent thinkers who work hard, focus on clear goals and are resilient in the face of challenges. I believe that pursuing excellence in any activity facilitates the development of these key character traits.


An integrated holistic approach, such as that necessary in developing young athletes on their journey to performing at elite levels, can be a great and effective vehicle for developing individuals that will succeed in anything they turn their hand to in life.

Athlete Support
Felix Dean and  Weiqi Ye Tennis Player Cambridge Justin Chacksfield Focus Tennis

Focus Tennis offers sports psychology support for performance coaches and their most promising junior athletes.


The sports psychology support provided involves working with athletes, their coaches and parents on mental skill development, ensuring consistent communication amongst the athlete's 'team'.

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